Have your say on housing in Holbeck

What can be done to improve housing in Holbeck? Now’s your chance to have your say!

Construction & Housing Yorkshire (CHY), part of re’new, is carrying out a ‘housing market assessment’ for the Holbeck area, writes Charlotte Brown.

Holbeck view
View from Crecent Towers over Beeston Hill and Holbeck

A new housing market assessment will identify housing need and requirements for Holbeck in the future and what likely trends may mean for housing development.

It will also identify the issues that need to be addressed if the area is to become be a high quality place to live and will look at what may be needed to achieve this.

Research gathered will look at demographic trends, housing market conditions and the health of the housing market in the area. Statistical data is gathered through the census, a housing market database called Hometrack and social housing market data from Leeds City Council.

Research will also focus on speaking with representatives of the local community, as we feel it is important to hear first hand, the views and opinions of the community from the community. Conversations will also be held with Aire Valley Homes, representatives of the Holbeck Neighbourhood Forum which has been established to support the Neighbourhood Planning process in Holbeck, estate agents, community groups and other interested parties.

Construction & Housing Yorkshire expect that this housing market assessment may be used as an ‘evidence base’ to support the Neighbourhood Plan which the Holbeck Neighbourhood Forum is currently working towards producing with the help of the wider Holbeck community.

If you would like to become involved in this piece of research please get in touch with Charlotte Brown at Construction & Housing Yorkshire, on 0113 383 3995 or charlotte.brown@renew-leeds.co.uk.

Some example questions you will be asked to respond to can be seen below:

  • What are the most positive things for you about living in Holbeck?
  • I.e. proximity to city centre, friends and family live there, community spirit, cost of housing
  • What pressures do you think affect the area at the moment?
  • I.e. cost of housing, crime and anti-social behaviour, low incomes and cuts
  • What type of intervention, if any, do you feel is needed to improve Holbeck?
  • I.e. environmental improvements, community facilities, safety measures, improvements to housing

2 Replies to “Have your say on housing in Holbeck”

  1. Holbeck was my home for 12 years, when I moved out I was genuinely sad to leave such a lovely home, lovely street and lovely community. I’ve never sold my house there hoping it would be an investment for my retirement however after years of trying to find someone to love the house like I did and care for it has become impossible. The last time I rented it out to a council tenant they wrecked the place. It’s cost me thousands to put right and its been empty for three years. I’ve approached some letting agents who stated “they don’t cover that area”, and others who advise they will get back to me but never do. In essence I’ve given up, I’d rather just look after my empty property, which is a sad state of affairs when so many people need housing.
    I truly believe that this is because the environment to outsiders seems grubby. Gardens are untidy, the media coverage of the area is always quite negative, people are not sold the massive positives i.e. the proximity to Leeds city centre, the train station, the University etc, even the building society took the Holbeck out of Leeds and Holbeck!!!!! When you look at the housing, there are streets of near derelict housing next to beautifully kept properties, building projects have started, I.e. demolition has occurred but what’s left is a blot on the landscape as projects are delayed and delayed. The shops and pubs are left to rot which is known to attract vandals and others who undertake illegal activities. The mix of housing and industry hasn’t been maintained which greatly improved the areas job market when the JTF warehouse opened. People whom I’d seen day in day out (without employment) suddenly were working in local businesses giving them an obvious sense of pride and purpose.
    if the council did nothing else, a scheme to entice businesses to set up in Holbeck for reduced rates in previously empty properties would improve the draw of the area significantly.
    Local council stated we were to have the council properties improved with new fencing much like the project at Beeston Hill but it still never materialised for Holbeck some ? years later.
    Please give Holbeck a fighting chance Leeds City Council!

    The research sounds like a good opportunity to support Holbeck, please contact me if this opportunity is still available.

  2. Hello Julie,

    Thank you for posting your comments in support of the research we at re’new are carrying out for the Holbeck Housing Market Assessment.

    I would like to reassure you that a lot of the feedback we have received from the community itself and those who work in or for the community has been very similar to the comments you make, specifically with regard to the environment and the appearance of the community as it currently stands. This includes derelict properties, disused pubs, untidy streets and gardens, as examples. We intend to record these concerns within the Housing Market Assessment which will inform the issues needing to be addressed in Holbeck as well as proposed intervention and investment options for the area.

    In the meantime, I refer to your comment about your preference to look after your empty property yourself rather than letting out to tenants due to the manner in which it is kept by tenants. You may be interested in attending the event ‘Leeds Empties Roadshow – Help for Owners of Empty Homes’ on Thursday, 21 March 2013 from 17:30 to 20:00 where you will be able to get advice about a lease scheme whereby the Engage Partnership may be able to lease your home from you, invest in it and rent it out . http://leedsemptiesowners-eorg.eventbrite.co.uk

    If you can’t make the event you can contact the Empty Homes Doctor service on 0113 815 2024 or visit http://www.leedsempties.org.uk for advice.

    Thanks once again for taking the time to post your comments Julie.
    (Charlotte Brown – re’new)

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