The Hunslet Ex-Parksiders Association party at The Garden Gate

garden gateKeith Hitchiner.‎  Hunslet Supporters myrtle through and through.

I don’t know how Peter Jarvis finds the time to do all the things he does for Hunslet Rugby League and also for us the supporters. Here is his message to the members of the most exclusive club in sport, “The Hunslet Ex Parksiders Association”

It’s PARTY TIME. on Wednesday 3 February at the Garden Gate, Hunslet, KO 12 noon till you fall down we will be celebrating 10 Ex Hunslet Parkside Players Birthdays free pie & peas lunch no expense spared. All Welcome.

It looks as though June was a very happy and busy month in the Parish of Hunslet.

Why do I say that? well it just so happens that a total ten ex-Hunslet players were born in the month of February.

Harry Jepson OBE, one of the founders of the Hunslet Ex-Parkside Players Association and now our President will be 96 years old on the 4th.

A very fit Brian Culley will be 79 on the 11th.

My apprentice Jack Richardson the Treasurer of our Association will be 66 on the 14th.

Jack learnt his trade of treasurer from the old Hunslet secretary George Richardson (don’t need to say any more).

Colin Larkin now residing in Oz will be 69 on the 6th. Colin emigrated to Oz to get away from the law over here and finished up joining the Australian police force.

wartime hunslet
Who is this War time Hunslet Rugby Player?

Ronnie Scott  will be 74 on the 22nd. An ex Pearson Street lad, where all the good rugby players came from. Got to be careful what I say about Ron, I don’t want Pauline his good wife beating me up.

Jimmy Crampton will be 62 on the 26th. Jimmy is still spending most of his time on the same car park situated just off the A62.

Dave Mawson a member of the Ex-Parksiders committee and Chairman of Hunslet Green (that’s were the Warriors play). Could you explain why its called Hunslet Green Dave? There’s been no grass on it for ages. David will be 62 on the 23rd.

Two more Ex Pearson Street gents whose birthdays are in February.

Dennis ‘Tango’ Tate AKA tint tin. My mate Dennis will be 81 on the 22nd. Top man D.

George Gomersall, Chauffeur to all the Ex Parksiders who were doing their national service at Catterick Barracks. Bet that was a sight for sore eyes – George driving all the squaddies down the A1 on his father’s coal wagon. Will be 77 on the 11th.

Save the best till last.

The vehicle above belongs to Gordon Greenwood Tin-dale.He bought it at the auctions to use as a holiday home. Wonder what his good wife said to him when he pulled up in that. Gordon will be 80 on the

I hope you all live to be 100 years old and may I be the last man you have a drink with.

Don’t forget the Garden Gate, 12.00 noon Wednesday 3 February.


Ken says: “Can’t Believe Geoff Gunney (MBE) did not get a mention above. Even though no birthday in February. In my eyes the most famous Hunslet Player of all time.”