People Matters marks another successful year

People Matters, the Holbeck-based social enterprise that supports adults with learning difficulties, held its AGM recently at Leeds City College’s Technology Campus.

Over 50 of the members got together to talk about what the organisation has been doing, how they have been involved as well as look at the new annual report. The most popular group recently has been ‘Exploring Animals’ where visitors have included a large python, a meerkat and a skunk.

People Matters Paul directors thank you
Paul Jackson receiving a presentation from the Chair and CEO for his long service as a director of People Matters

Paul Jackson was given a presentation for all his many years of volunteering as member director and Jonathan Cravitz was appointed as his replacement. One member George Stephenson told everyone about the difference the support he gets from the organisation makes to him.

“People Matters helped me get my first flat, they helped me do my first clothes wash ever, I cooked my first meal outside a classroom with support and set up all my bills. Before then clean clothes just appeared, dinner was ready when I got it and bills didn’t exist.

“Now that might sound good, but I’m used to managing money now, before it was like pocket money I’d spend it all in one go. Now I pay for everything myself. Adam and Josh are there but I understand everything. In the future I want to move again, infiltrate the mainstream world, travel, go on holidays and I think a lot of that has come from me feeling more independent, confident in myself which People Matters has helped me achieve.”

Future plans include starting a new subsidiary that will offer the opportunity to gain training, work experience and employment opportunities. Two small new grants have been gained for pilot work in order to develop and market a range of healthy snacks.

Anyone with a learning or other disability such as being on the Autistic spectrum who wants to be involved in any People Matters activity should contact the office in Holbeck on (0113) 234 6896.



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