Cash4Kids At Radio Aire Donate 50 Tickets To Belle Isle TMO

bitmo gateCash4Kids at Radio Aire have donated Belle Isle TMO 50 tickets for an EXCLUSIVE event, taking place on Tuesday 29 December from 12pm to 2pm, at a top city-centre 5 star restaurant!

Gauchos– known for its award winning menus and fine-dining experience- will be hosting the Christmas Party at their restaurant. The event is EXCLUSIVELY for young people between 9-18 years old, where they’ll be treated to entertainment, and a special two-course meal.

Tickets are EXCLUSIVELY available from Belle Isle TMO’s GATE from Friday 18 December for young people between 9-18 years old living in Belle Isle or Middleton. Tickets are FREE but its first-come, first serve. Transport isn’t provided.

Please contact Carla or James at BITMOs GATE on 0113 3782190 or email to reserve your young person’s ticket!