Yvonne Ugate – Beeston’s writer in residence

Have you ever found yourself lost for words, maybe you’re penning a letter to family or a card to offer someone your sympathies?

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words for the occasion, Yvonne Ugarte may have the answer!

Yvonne has been a writer for many years, starting at the tender age of 5 when Yvonne herself was lost for words. Starting life in care Yvonne chose to write her feelings down rather than speak about them, something she found easier.

Yvonne met Mrs Milner, a teacher in Cockburn High School, who was a great encouragement to Yvonne and nurtured and encouraged her talent and passion for writing, eventually having her first book of poetry published in 1987 entitled Kaleidoscope. As well as poetry Yvonne writes songs, the first of which was penned not far from the school at St Mary’s church when she and her son attended a pram service there back in 1984.

Yvonne didn’t stop there; Yvonne has featured on local and national radio stations and she has been published numerous timed in anthologies; including her most recent feature in ‘There is no Planet B’ a publication themed around climate change and the environment.

Some of you may have attended the Millennium Square last year when Yvonne performed her most famous poem, Earthsong, to a large gathered crowd of over 200 people. She describes this as ‘a most proud moment’ and rightly so! Yvonne has also performed at the Shipley and Ilkley arts festivals and has plans to attend the Leeds Literary Festival later this year. If you get the chance please go along and support Yvonne, you won’t be disappointed!

Well known for her weekly performances Yvonne is now using her talents to help other people. Yvonne is now offering a bespoke service to write poetry, prose and short stories for events such as weddings, funerals and baptisms. If you ever find yourself lost to find the words or unable to due to emotion or grief, reach out to Yvonne who will be able to sensitively and eloquently stitch together the appropriate words for you.

Yvonne already helps on a voluntary basis with Charlie’s Angels, BAFF and Lippy People and would like to extend her reach further and help more of the community.

Later in the year Yvonne is publishing a book of children’s poetry with the help of a local school, she is involving the school’s children by asking them to produce illustrations for her poetry.

If her word sounds of interest to you or you’d like more information about her writing service drop her a line to yvonnebeeston59@gmail.com.