Youth Club organises Christmas dinner for local older people

The Hunslet Club youth club spreads holiday cheer with Christmas dinner event for senior citizens

In the spirit of giving back to the community and enhancing intergenerational connections, The Hunslet Club senior youth club section organised a heartwarming Christmas dinner event for 60 senior citizens as part of their final Social Action Project of 2023. This Social Action Project aimed to create a joyous, festive atmosphere and provide a memorable evening for the elderly members of our community.

The festivities took place at The Hunslet Club with our senior youth club members working tirelessly to transform the club into a festive space. The tables were decorated with centre pieces, Christmas cards and favours that our junior youth club members had created in their art sessions during the December month. The event, funded by the local ward Councillors with food donated by Morrisons and Bennetts Butchers, was a testament to the power of grassroots initiatives in making a positive impact.

The highlight of the evening was the sumptuous Christmas dinner prepared and served by the enthusiastic youth volunteers. The menu featured a traditional Christmas Dinner, ensuring that every guest experienced the warmth and comfort of a home-cooked meal this festive season. Members of the youth club took pride in serving their elders, demonstrating a sense of community and connection across generations.

In addition to the delectable feast, the senior citizens were treated to an array of entertainment designed to bring smiles and laughter. The senior youth club members organised a lively program that included festive music, dance performances and games. The entertainment was carefully curated to evoke festivity and create an inclusive atmosphere, celebrating the shared joy of the holiday season.

The event not only provided an opportunity for the elderly to enjoy the company of their peers but also allowed the youth to learn from the wisdom and experiences of the senior citizens. Interactions between the generations were rich and meaningful, encouraging understanding and respect between the different age groups. Many lasting connections were formed, bridging the gap between youth and seniors in our community.

The senior youth club expressed gratitude to the local businesses and the staff and volunteers at The Hunslet Club who generously supported the event through sponsorships, donations and time. Their contributions were instrumental in making the Christmas dinner a resounding success and ensuring that the senior citizens felt cherished and valued during the holiday season.

As the night drew to a close, smiles and laughter resonated throughout the venue.  The night ended with our young members dancing with their guests and it was truly joyous to see the heartwarming impact and witness the heartwarming memories for both the youth volunteers and the senior citizens. The success of this Social Action Project exemplifies the positive impact that grassroots initiatives can have on encouraging a sense of community and creating meaningful connections across generations.

The Hunslet Club remains committed to its mission of empowering youth and making a difference in the community. For more information about The Hunslet Club youth club and its future initiatives, please visit

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This post was written by Zoe Creasser


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