Your City. Your Say. Planning consultation


Should the Matthew Murray High School site in Holbeck be redeveloped as houses or green space, or a mix of the two?

Should Dewsbury Road “town centre” (shopping area) be expanded?

Should the Holbeck Police Station site be redeveloped as housing, shopping, or green space once the Police have moved to their shiny new base on Elland Road?

planning consultationThese are some of the questions that the council is currently consulting us about. The roadshow came to Dewsbury Road One Stop Centre on Thursday with maps and plans and officers on hand to answer your questions.

The “Site Allocation Plan” is about thinking ahead 15 years and identifying where we want to see the additional houses, the employment areas, retail and green space. The plans are not easy to interpret, but the council has gone to a lot more trouble than in previous years to try and make them accessible.

All the documents are on the Council website. There are separate maps for each topic: housing, retail and employment, greenspace. Map 22 covers Holbeck, Beeston Hill and Hunslet, whilst Beeston, Cottingley, Belle Isle and Middleton are on Map 28. Each site is then numbered and you can check the details in a separate document: either Volume 2 – 4 Inner, or Volume 2 – 10 Outer South West.

The potential housing sites are traffic lit red, amber, green showing the Council’s thoughts as to whether they are suitable for housing. We are encouraged to give our thoughts as to whether we agree. It’s a very detailed set of maps and documents, but this is inevitable in a city the size of Leeds with hundreds of potential sites.

The consultation runs until Friday 29th July and you can send your comments by post or online. The roadshow continues around Leeds (dates are on the website) with a final event on Tuesday 16th July in the Civic Hall which runs from 12 to 7:30pm. Officers are also accepting invitations to visit community groups to explain the plans.