Windmill Primary School plant flowers on Parade



Belle Parade (24)

On a damp but not too cold morning me, Lynne Spirrett of (Belle Isle TMO) and Belle Isle and Middleton in Bloom.

Chris and Julie Holmes, of Belle Isle and Middleton in Bloom.

We all arrived on Belle Isle Parade, outside the shops on the Parade to plant some Bedding plants. Pedestrians and shop keepers having a look to see what we were up to.


On this occasion the Children and Mrs Smith did all the hard work, and we all just watched then planting the Flowers, giving a helping hand where needed and taking photographs.

Mrs Smith (Teacher, Windmill Primary School) with the 6 Children from Windmill Primary School, year 5, planted the annual bedding plants in 2 containers.

Marigold, Geranium,  Lobelia and more. Some were already in flower, others yet to bloom and in bud, which means there will be always flowers to look at over a period of time.

I’m sure the Children,  preferred  planting flowers rather than boring lessons in Maths.

I understood the Bedding Plants were Annuals, so I’m sure the Children will be back again next year and do more planting.

Many plants were left over, so we gave these to the Belle Isle Winter Aid (New 2 You) Charity Shop, who had been watching us. Hopefully will sell these and add to their funds. Mrs Smith took some back to School, I’m sure will be put to good use.Belle Parade (12)

Many thanks to Julie and Chris Holmes, for additional information, and Photographs.

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