Waist High In Water at Skelton Grange


From tidying up after a Zombie Apocalypse to clearing out the ponds it’s all go this autumn.

Skelton pondThe team at Skelton Grange Environment Centre are hard at work as Autumn sets in. Jobs need doing in preparation for winter and to enable the site to flourish next year.

The Friday volunteers who make up Green Team at Skelton Grange have been donning their waders and entering the murky waters, taking out the unwanted vegetation, cutting back were needed to enable new growth next year, whilst maintaining the habitat for all the amphibious creatures that lurk beneath the surface.

Turn the corner, and what do you find? Another group of volunteers working on part of the woods, when enquiring as to what they were doing the response was “Oh just returning this part of the woods from a cemetery used in the Zombie Apocalypse back to an outdoor classroom”. Now that wasn’t quite the response I had expected!

Other tasks being undertaken on Friday were: maintaining the music garden; path clearing; installing a new railway sleeper and the general upkeep of the vegetable patch. Each task is undertaken by a group which is lead by a volunteer officer.

“Green Team is great for getting outdoors and doing something practical, everyone is friendly and I’d highly recommend it to others” said one Green Team volunteer.

Green Team meet every Friday at 10am and sessions generally run until three.  You don’t need any experience, just enthusiasm.  For further details on how to get involved please visit http://www.tcv.org.uk/skeltongrange/volunteering/volunteering-events


This article was written by David Brain using our Community Reporters website