Vandalism at Middleton Elderly Aid last night

Do you parents know where your children are at night?

Last night (Friday 12 July 2019) children got into the grounds of Middleton Elderly Aid and vandalised our new polytunnel. It made me sad and upset at seeing this, this morning.

This was erected yesterday and was built for the enjoyment of Middleton Elderly Aid members and for the Garden Club, at the centre. This is a very expensive polytunnel.

The council says we are not allowed CCTV.

The fence is coated with Anti-Vandal paint. Did you children come home covered in paint?

This has got to stop, ask your children where they are going on a night.

Your Children have got into the Middleton Elderly Aid grounds before and stolen plants, did you ask where your children got them from.

They have turned the water tap on. The centre is on a water meter, so it cost them money. The washing line was cut. All these thing have to be paid for out of our funds. It’s a charity run centre, so every penny counts.

Lynne Brewer says: 

“(It’s) absolutely disgusting and unfortunately parents won’t admit it was their kids, they think it’ll reflect on them. We should be helping Middleton Elderly Aid not demolishing what work they can do, the kids should be found and made to help put it right.”

Samantha of Middleton Elderly Aid says:

“I was so excited after finishing at 7.30 last night to get our polytunnel up at last for our members and gardening club. I came in this morning to find this.

“There is no words, why? what is the point? Kids have been in and just made holes all through it after all that hard work. And it was hard work.

“When will it stop? We have put anti vandal paint on fence so someone’s kids must have come home with green paint on their clothes.

“Talk to your kids. This is for the elderly why would they do this.”