US ski trip rewards excellent school work

Thirteen students from the Ruth Gorse Academy enjoyed the trip of a lifetime, skiing in America last month.

To qualify for the trip the students had to be outstanding across all subjects, have at least 97% attendance and not have been in detention. They then had to write a Pride Piece over the summer holidays setting out why they deserved to go on the trip. They were originally competing for four places on the trip but all their work was of such a high standard that the school decided to reward all thirteen.

The group visited Killington in Vermont. None of the students had skied before and only one had visited the USA. They were very impressed with their surroundings, describing it as “amazing” and “a beautiful landscape.”

The experience started with a ride in iconic yellow school buses, then two days on the nursery slopes learning the basics.

“The first two days were hard, but then it was fun.”

“The best day was the third day. You could enjoy the skiing, but not be too tired.”

The trip ended with a day in New York City. They visited Broadway, Times Square the Rockefeller Centre and did some shopping before flying home.

“We’re very grateful to the school for giving us this life changing experience” explained one student, clearly speaking for the whole group.

“I’m very proud of the way the students represented the Academy” said teacher Miss Rhodes. “Their behaviour throughout the nine days was exemplary.”