Update: After concerns raised about this junction at Town Street/ Newhall Road,Middleton.


Cllr Emma Pogson-Golden & Cllr Wayne Dixon
Yesterday at 09:18  · 

Update: After concerns raised about this junction at Town Street/ Newhall Road, we asked for the junction to be assessed.

“Dear Councillors,
Thank you for your request to look at the safety of the junction between Sharp Lane, Town Street and Newhall Road, Middleton.
I have examined the collision history available to me for the junction and there are 2 collisions which have resulted in serious injury and one that resulted in slight injury. One of the collisions resulted in serious injury to a motorcyclist that had collided with a car travelling across the junction from Newhall Road, another collision resulted in serious injury to a pedestrian that collided with a passing car wing mirror when they stepped into the road in snowy weather conditions. The third collision resulted in slight injury to the driver of one of two vehicles that had collided at the junction of Town Street and Newhall Road. All of these collisions are reported to have potentially occurred because of a failure to look properly by at least one of the parties involved.
There is good visibility at all arms of the junction so it should be safe to use for drivers and pedestrians alike, assuming drivers are taking the proper precautions when giving way and manoeuvring through the junction and pedestrians are alert to vehicle movements around them. We are limited in terms of how we could assist from a traffic engineering perspective where collisions are occurring because of driver or pedestrian behaviour rather than how the junction itself is operating, which is in a fairly typical way.
The collisions that have occurred are regrettable and would certainly be unsettling to witness, nevertheless, we would be unable to justify any traffic engineering intervention in these circumstances other than continuing to monitor safety at this location.
Kind regards,”