Twelfth Night At Middleton Park

12 night

This includes a feast of songs that you can probably sing along to! ‘Oddsocks’ 2015 production of Twelfth Night is a madcap musical treat with Shakespeare’s love stories intertwined with well-known British Chart hits to keep the blood pumping and the mood merry.

The lonely Countess Olivia, is wooed by the music-loving Orsino, who finds that Love is a Drug? A storm brings the adventurous Viola to town who decides that Boys Don’t Cry and begins a new life in disguise, as a man! Working for Count Orsino, as a man, she woos Olivia, who quite fancies her and things get all mixed up with the Girls and Boys.

Meanwhile Olivia’s servant Malvolio, believes he is A Charming Man and is desperate to prove it to Olivia. It’s time to Get Ready to Rumble and Pump it up when Olivia’s uncle Sir Toby Belch decides it’s time for a party and a confrontation with pompous Malvolio. This really takes the story to a new level as Malvolio is tricked into believing Olivia really is in love with him and wants him now.

Desperate to know How soon is now Malvolio makes an hysterical fool of himself thinking that Tonight’s the Night and is carted off to prison where Heaven knows he’s miserable now. It all wraps up in a fight to the death and the truth is at last revealed. True lovers are united and it’s a nice day for a White Wedding and with true hearts they tell Malvolio Don’t look back in anger and to just shine!