Trading Standards to tackle illegal cigarettes


West Yorkshire Trading Standards (WYTS) have started a project to reduce the supply and demand for illicit tobacco in West Yorkshire as part of wider activities to reduce the harm caused by tobacco use.

Illicit Tobacco SessionsIllicit tobacco includes cigarettes, cigars, rolling and pipe tobacco, imported illegally to avoid paying tax and duties.

The Department of Health has found that the sale of illicit tobacco seriously undermines the impact of other tobacco control measures and West Yorkshire has numerous “hot spots” for the illegal sale of tobacco. Tackling the demand and supply of cheap illicit tobacco is a cross-cutting issue that requires engagement from a variety of partners. Illicit Tobacco is extremely dangerous, worsens health inequalities and increases youth smoking due to its affordability.

WYTS is looking for community and youth groups in South Leeds, to deliver awareness sessions to about the dangers of Illicit Tobacco.

These informal sessions cover:

  • What illicit tobacco is
  • Learning about the difference between illicit and genuine tobacco
  • The harms that come from using illicit tobacco
  • The legalities of illicit tobacco
  • How to spot the signs you are being sold illicit tobacco
  • Effects on local communities

For further information on illicit tobacco, or to arrange an awareness session, please contact or call (0113) 393 9805.