Tracy Brabin elected as West Yorkshire’s first Mayor

Tracy Brabin has been declared the winner of the first West Yorkshire Mayoral election at the count today (9 May 2021).

Brabin, Labour, won 43% of first preference votes and so there was a run off with the Conservative candidate Matt Robinson, where the remaining candidates’ second preference votes were allocated to the two leading candidates.

Votes were cast on Thursday in Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds and Wakefield, with an overall turnout figure of 36.5 per cent.

Ms Brabin secured victory over second-placed Matt Robinson (Conservative) by 310,923 votes to 209,137 votes, after the counting of both first and second preference votes.

The total number of first preference votes cast for each candidate was:

  • Tracy Brabin (Labour) – 261,170
  • Matt Robinson (Conservative) – 176,167
  • Bob Buxton (Yorkshire Party) – 58,851
  • Andrew Cooper (Green) – 55,833
  • Stewart Golton (Lib Dem) – 30,162
  • Waj Ali (Reform UK) – 14,943
  • Thérèse Hirst (English Democrats – “Putting England First!”) – 8,969

As West Yorkshire Mayor she will Chair the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and have powers – and extra funding from central government – for transport, housing and skills. She will also replace the Police & Crime Commissioner, setting priorities for West Yorkshire Police and having oversight over them.

Brabin commented on Twitter:

“We did it! I’m proud to be the first West Yorkshire Metro Mayor and I’m incredibly humbled and grateful for every single vote. I will fight for every single resident so everyone has the opportunity to succeed. Thank you.”