The South Leeds Life Group is born

South Leeds Life started off in November 2010 with six people sat in room working out how WordPress works, choosing a name and a page format. 700 posts and 60,000 page views later, eight people were back in the same room to form a community group that can build on success we’ve had so far.

We agreed a constitution for the group and elected its first officers. This may not sound very exciting, but it means we are in a position to attract grants that can help do what we do in a bigger and better way.

We have re-stated our aims:

  • to inform
  • to encourage involvement
  • to foster community spirit and
  • to give a platform to the people of south Leeds

We have always felt that our strength was our band of local writers. We don’t want to change that, we want to strengthen it by running events and training to help people who aren’t confident to write. And we want to spread the word to attract readers from people who don’t currently read blogs – watch out for promotional pens and leaflets over the next year.

So we are now official. Alison Neale is our Secretary, Dave Florence is our Treasurer and I’m the Chair. You can contact any of us at our email address: You can read our constitution here: South Leeds Life Group Constitution.

If you would like to join us – send us an article, photo or video; or come along to our next meeting on Tuesday 19th June at Belle Isle Family Centre at 10:00am.