The next step towards the Beeston Plan

The Beeston Neighbourhood Forum will be meeting tomorrow (Tuesday 19 May 2015) to take the next step towards creating a Neighbourhood Plan for Beeston.

Beeston Plan logoThe Beeston Plan will cover the area roughly bounded by Cross Flatts Park, Middleton Park, the Ring Road and Elland Road. Anyone living or working in the area can join the Forum and help shape the plan.

Work is being undertaken under a number of task groups looking as such issues as housing, the environment, local heritage, etc. Once completed the plan will be put to a referendum open to all residents in the area. If approved the plan will then become part of  planning guidance shaping future developments in the area.

Tuesday’s meeting will start with a short Annual General Meeting including the election of a committee.

The meeting takes place at Beeston Village Community Centre, St Anthony’s Drive starting at 7:30pm.