The Kickstart Programme Presentation Day


DSCF1506Keepmoat Property Services, Leeds Federated and BITMO joined together to run the Kickstart programme themed on Business Administration skills. There is a Business Admin apprenticeship available to one of the successful candidates to work within Keepmoat Property Services.

The Kickstart programmes are 6-7 week pre-employability programmes containing accredited training, work experience, employability skills (e.g. cv writing, mock interviews) and a team project to plan and deliver a community event. These are designed to build people’s skills and confidence and help them in trying to get back into work – they gain reference from us, update their CV’s and get further support from us after the programme.

This is the third Kickstart programme they have run in under two years with Leeds Federated; previously we have run a Trades version and a Customer Service version.  This is the first one we have run with Leeds Federated and BITMO.

Jonathan, Keepmoat

Started the event off by introducing everyone and wished candidates well for their interviews over the next 2 days and for the future.

Chris Simpson BITMO.DSCF1517

Said it’s never too late to get a career. When I left school at 15 had 4 A Levels. BITMOs GATE is a unique organisation here in Belle Isle, with best the maintained homes in Belle Isle. Good luck to all candidates with their interviews 2 days following this event. To all the companies involved in this event today and students: thank you.


I believe all trainees changed as a group and I believe for the better.

The trainees set out in March organising the St George’s Day event. Pointed out served 94 Hot Dogs on St George’s Day event at The GATE.  So well done to them, and wish them well in their interviews.


Barry Whitehead Keepmoat

Giving thanks to Leeds Federation and BITMO.

Keepmoat work with other agencies and national businesses all over the country. We do lots of work in Belle Isle and Middleton. We are here to help and to assists when needed. Again Barry wished all candidates well in there interviews and for the future.

Steve Blundell Leeds Federated.

Says Leeds Federated has long term investment for 35 years into the future. We want to people to be part of that and help them to get work. We have a £5.4 million investment in that. £2.5 million Social improvement program to help neighbourhoods come together with Kickstart and BITMO. This is third project we’ve run with Keepmoat, and look forward to more in the future  Steve gave thanks to BITMO for holding today’s events and wished candidates all the best in their interviews a decision for the future.

The Kickstart programme.DSCF1518

We are a group of 10 individuals who are developing are skills, knowledge and experience with the help of the kick start programme.

Day 1 of the programme

During the day we met each other for the first time, and we were nervous. We were given an introduction to the Kickstart programme.

Week 1

We met James (Keepmoat) trainer at Keepmoat office. For 2 days James gives us training on equality and diversity manual handling, customer care, and a fire marshalling.

Week 2

We started planning for our community event. During this time we bonded and got to know each other. After the second day we had a good idea of what we wanted to achieve on the day.

We now jump to week 5

Joe Suggest from Leeds Federated delivered goals training for 2 days to give us more self-esteem, confidence and also to help us achieve our career goals and personal goals.

Week 6

DSCF1539We were planning and marketing our community event. As a group we got together and allocated roles such as designing and creating the activities for the event and distributing fliers for the St George’s Day event at BITMOs GATE.

Candidates went on to thank Jane Chitty, Carla Yeomans, Jonathan Rogers and many other people involved in the running of the  courses.

Please click link to go to St George’s day event.

Quote: Kenneth Ingram. “This has been one of the most enjoyable blogs I have done. Learnt new skills myself, as I had to learn a kind of shorthand on presentation day. Which means writing down the first three letters of every word I write down. Then when I get to type up later, have to remember that word. Maybe I will have to go on a shorthand word course, if there is such a thing.

“Finally I would like to thank everyone involved in the St George’s day event and Presentation day. I wish all the Candidates well in their interviews and looking for new jobs.”