The future of South Leeds Life

Last week we told you that there is an important meeting coming up about the future of South Leeds Life (here). We now publish the draft constitution for our group which we are proposing to call the South Leeds Information Group. South Leeds life Constitution

The point of the constitution is NOT to tie us up in rules, but to allow us to do more of what we set out to do eighteen months ago:

  • Keep you informed of what is going on in South Leeds
  • Involve as many people as possible in writing for the blog and the magazine

Specifically it will allow us to apply for grants to carry out our work – perhaps to run community reporter training, or produce publicity items to spread the word.

The meeting to discuss and adopt the constitution will be on Tuesday 15th May at 11:00am at Hillside. Please come and get involved, or if you can’t attend please email us with your comments.