The BITMO GATE Walk And St Georges Community Hub

st gerogesThe BITMO GATE Walk and Visit to St Georges Community Hub.

Started off from THE GATE, for the gate walk six of us in the group. Carla being our group leader. Was a mild day with sun breaking through the cloud. Walked up Belle Isle/Middleton Town Street and then cut across Sharp Lane to go to Asda for drinks and cake.

Then we made our way to St George’s Community Hub,  to meet up with Joanne who is the Assistant Community Hub Manager.

First we went to the library, where we had an opportunity to join the library if we wanted. Some of us took away forms to fill in later to join the Library. I’m already a member, and I’ve got to add have a fantastic local history section. Then we had a walk around the Centre with Joanne showing us the various departments. We passed the Specialist eye department, where people visit once a year for diabetic eye check-ups and other eye problems. Passing the small accident and emergency dept, which is open 8am till 10pm. 7 Days a week.

Then we visited the council area, where you can get advice on such things as council tax and council rents, benefits advice and more. Money buddies giving advice such as applying for grants and writing letters. Help with completing your financial statements, check your benefit entitlement, find and change to cheaper gas and electric deals. Advise on opening credit accounts. Ideas to get your money to go further and last longer. Safety report,  loan sharks and much more.

Middleton Park Neighbourhood Policing Team  are based at the St Georges Centre.

trainerComing soon, Health Trainers to help with nutrition lose weight; become more active. Referrals from your doctor required.

Leeds City Credit Union, open saving accounts, current accounts, loan’s, Christmas Club, paying bills and more.

National Careers Service provides access to free impartial professional advice on careers, skills and the job market. Go to

Step Change (debt charity) Are money worries keeping you awake at night? You’re not alone sleep easier with our free expert advice. Go to

Coming out of the Centre the health trainer asked if anyone wanted a lift back to THE GATE. Two of our group decided to take her up on that, and when we noticed it was now raining, Carla rung a taxi for the rest of us to get back to the Centre. Back at THE GATE, We had a nice warm drink. Some had soup and bread rolls. Looking back, hope we can make this a regular thing if bitmo gateCarla can get cover at THE GATE.

Please contact : St. George’s Centre, St Georges Road, Leeds, LS10 4UZ  for more info.