Tea Cosy Café 4th Birthday 2015

tea cosy 4th birthday (35)
Frank and Hilary

I arrived at the Tea Cosy Café (Memory Café) in Rothwell for their 4th Birthday party. A Memory Café member, Frank also had his 100th Birthday on the day, came along with his Daughter Hillary.

Paid my £3.00 for breakfast to Dean on the door and decided to have a wander.



I notice the Birthday decorations all-around and tables decorated as well. Must have taken Peter, Liz and Clive and any other volunteer a while to set this lot up.

Peter Smith is well known in particularly in the South Leeds area for helping set up Dementia Friendly Memory cafés such as in RothwellBelle Isle, Holbeck, Beeston and one I helped to set up in the Parnaby Tavern, called Parnaby Pals.

I also go along to another Memory café in the LS11 postcode area, The Cop Shop, is in the Elland Road Police station. Last Wednesday, we had a ukulele player and his missus for a bit of a sing song. Such as When I’m Cleaning Windows and Leaning On a Lamppost.

tea cosy 4th birthday (2)
Peg (Radio Leeds) One with red hair

Already there was Peg from Radio Leeds and when Peter arrived back from picking people up, he gave an interview with Peg for Radio Leeds.

I had a word with Peg on how I was on the Liz Green Show and that another presenter; Andrew Edwards interviewed me at home.

tea cosy 4th birthday (10)
Marks & Spenser Archive.


The lady from the Marks and Spencer Archive, Katie arrived early just before me. Katie came to Parnaby Pals a few weeks ago to show us some goods from a bygone era. This time brought a larger suitcase to reveal its contents to all for us to have a look at.




Visitors today included Leeds Councillors David Nagle, Karen Bruce, and M.P. Alec Shelbrooke, along with West Yorkshire Police.

Was nice to the see PCSO’s help serve breakfasts along with other volunteers.

Peter giving some introductions and telling some corny jokes, can’t tell them on here.

tea cosy 4th birthday (11)
Corrine on right with other Volunteers

Corinne, one of the volunteers I always recognise (well nearly always) asked how I was going on as she saw me in St James Hospital a few weeks ago. Corrine spent about 10 minutes to have a chat, even though busy, always finds time to have a talk with me.



Lillian, tell me her husband is in a home in Belle Isle for people with Dementia. Had a word with Sally and Mark asked how their kitten is, scratched me this morning Sally said, so in cat house (not gog house). Oh dear.

tea cosy 4th birthday (18)
Hilary & Frank

Frank and Daughter came and sat at our table and were able to have a chat with him. I asked him if he’s had a telegram from the Queen for his 100th Birthday, yes he told me, but didn’t put any money in for me. Typical Yorkshireman.

Told me a bit about the war years, he started to cry, so I held his hand, Frank wouldn’t let go for a good 10 minutes, and hopefully he was OK. Frank was given a birthday cake to take home. Another cake appeared later to share out. This was from the Tea Cosy Café for its 4th Birthday.

The tally man on the door tells me his clicker reaches 100 people coming through the door, and even more arriving, tables and chairs had to be rearranged to get everyone in. How the kitchen staff/volunteers knew how much food to prepare for breakfast I don’t know.

tea cosy 4th birthday (25)As you can see from Peter Smith’s quote, well over 150 people in the end packed in to this wonderful café.

To end we had a raffle, and during the Bingo managed to find a quiet spot in the office and had a chat with Maggie from the Dementia Alliance, about making the Cross Flatts Parkrun, Dementia Friendly. Watch this space.

Also talked more about me presenting and producing a series of short films across Leeds. The funding is available and West Yorkshire Playhouse will organise the cameras. I have to be mentored by ITV Television on how to go on. I have already spoken to Carla at BITMO GATE to film there, and hopefully at Memory café, Parnaby Pals.

Maggie and I went back into the centre to find packing up in place, now Bingo finished people were making their way home.

To finish a big thank you to all the volunteers, without you none of this would happen.

tea cosy 4th birthday (20)
All waiting for Breakfast

Quote from Peter Smith:

“Heartfelt thanks to everyone.

“When Tea Cosy began in October 2011, we had 8 people and thought that this was how it would continue. We now average around 120 and today we had over 150 who enjoyed a fantastic morning.

“We began with a visit from Radio Leeds, and were soon joined by early visitors including Leeds Councillors David Nagle and Karen Bruce, and our M.P. Alec Shelbrooke, and West Yorkshire Police.

“Today was our 4th Birthday. But we also had a special 100th birthday of one of our members. We have some fantastic people in Dementia Friendly Rothwell and they do not realise how much their support means to people in need.

“I would like to thank everyone, especially the volunteers, who help us at Tea Cosy, Buddies at the Bull, Care n’ Hounds, Cosy Corner Memory Cafe, Cop Shop Memory Cafe, and Parnaby Pals, without you and those who attend we would not exist.

“On a personal note I would like to offer a massive thank you to all the PCSO’s who have offered so much support to everyone in Rothwell, and particularly this morning in achieving a great result by bringing a particular gentleman to Tea Cosy.

“Also a massive thank you to my wife Liz, who has been my right hand in all my work in Rothwell, and Dean my eldest who is as daft as me, but most of all a big thank you to all who support Tea Cosy Memory Cafe, Dementia Friendly Rothwell, and Dementia Friendly Leeds.”