Support the homeless during harsh weather conditions

A man in hoodie sits on the pavement with his head hung down and a begging cup in front of him

Emmaus Leeds, a local charity dedicated to supporting individuals who have experienced homelessness, is calling on the community to join in safeguarding the vulnerable during this severe cold spell.

Amidst the biting cold, rough sleepers face heightened risks to their health and wellbeing. Emmaus Leeds acknowledges the importance of collaborative efforts to ensure their safety without encouraging or endorsing street sleeping.

Here are several proactive ways individuals can help without encouraging rough sleeping:

  • Donations: Consider donating essential items such as blankets, warm clothing, socks, and non-perishable food items to local shelters or charities. These provisions are invaluable in offering immediate comfort to those in need.
  • Outreach Support: Report sightings of individuals exposed to the cold to local outreach services or authorities. Encourage them to seek shelter and connect with relevant support services. Members of the public can contact Leeds City Council on (0113) 245 9445 to report sightings.
  • Awareness and Advocacy: Spread awareness about available resources and support networks for individuals experiencing homelessness. Engage in conversations about the importance of long-term solutions to homelessness.

Executive Lead of Emmaus Leeds, Gina Morrison, said:

“Being without a safe place to live and sleep is unimaginable for many people, but sadly it is a reality we see every day on the streets of Leeds and surrounding areas. Emmaus Leeds and other charities focused on reducing homelessness welcome your support more than ever at this difficult time of year and will continue to provide the best service we can.”

Emmaus Leeds remains committed to offering assistance and pathways out of homelessness to those in need.
For further information on how to support Emmaus Leeds’ mission or to donate, please visit


This article is based on a press release issued by Emmaus Leeds

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