Step up for gentle exercise classes

Friday mornings at Trinity Network in Belle Isle is time for gentle exercise.

The eight week programme is being run by Leeds Lets Get Active and the sessions are led by James Beaston. The exercises may be gentle, but James makes sure everyone is doing them correctly giving clear instructions and encouragement.

Most of the session is chair based and uses large elastic strips to provide resistance to the muscles being worked.

I asked 90 year old Joan Hope what she thought of the classes:

“They’re alright” she said positively. “My legs are a lot better since I started. I can’t do the arm exercises, but I’m walking better.”

The exercise sessions are aimed at helping older people stay active and manage better at home. Arm and leg strength are just as important for getting out of bed or up from a chair as for any sports activity. As well as improving mobility the exercises can help with balance and self-confidence.

The classes will also be run at Trinity Network’s Dewsbury Road centre in Beeston. These sessions will run on Wednesdays starting on 23 May.

Leeds Lets Get Active also run a longer 20 week programme targeted at people who have a history of falls, or problems with mobility, balance or confidence. This falls prevention programme focuses on strength and balance to build confidence and reduce the fear of falling, for example teaching people safe techniques to get themselves up after a fall.

Sessions currently run at the Middleton Elderly Aid Social Centre on Acre Road every Wednesday afternoon. You can be referred by your doctor or physiotherapist or you can ring (0113) 378 0288 or email to refer yourself.

Of course there’s the social side of the classes as well. Joan tells me she enjoys coming and meeting different people, before heading off for well-earned hot lunch.

For more information go to, or  call Trinity Network on (0113) 270 3935.