Stank Hall Barn meeting gathers pace

I spent the morning walking around Beeston asking shops and community buildings to put up a poster advertising the South Leeds Life meeting about Stank Hall Barn.

Public Meeting posterI got a fantastic response, with most people agreeing to display the poster.

“That’s the oldest building in Beeston, mate” said a customer in the Tommy Wass pub.

“There was a famous murder there 400 years ago, I was reading about it” the hairdresser at Snipper Clark’s on Beeston Road said.

“There was a plan to turn it into a restaurant, what happened to that?” was another comment.

Everyone wants to see a future for the building and many said they would be coming to the meeting to learn more. We hope you can come along to the meeting where we hear from:

  • Beeston History Society
  • Leeds City Council
  • Leeds Civic Trust

The meeting is on Thursday 28th February at 7:00pm at Beeston Village Community Centre on St Anthony’s Drive.

If you are able to display the poster on a noticeboard or in a window, please download it here: Public Meeting poster

We’ll be checking about that murder and update you at the meeting!