St Luke’s Church prepares for change

St Luke’s Church on Beeston Hill and its congregation are about to embark on an exciting project. Plans have been drawn up to expand the West End of the Church to reach further into and better serve the local community.

Permission has been granted to proceed and it could all be going ahead as soon as July 2019. Congregation members, local community members and many more trusts and charities have all contributed to the fundraising, everything from the walls of the extension o tea cups have been funded and the team at St Luke’s would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who has contributed so far.

While the works are going on the many groups that use the church will still be active and mostly meeting in the United Free Church which is also sited on Malvern Road not too far away. Thanks to their generous support, groups such as the Tuesday Children’s Group and ESOL class can continue uninterrupted throughout the build. With generous help from St Luke’s Primary School the main service itself will be meeting in the main hall at the same times, but please bear in mind everything is subject to change, always check the Church’s Facebook page or website to confirm service times during the building period.

The church today. Photo: Abbie Randall

As well as extending a heartfelt thank you to everyone who is supporting the Church during this exciting time Alistair Kaye, Vicar at St Luke’s, who has headed this three-year long project has asked people to pray for this new chapter of the Church’s history. He also explained that there are many exciting changes including more meeting rooms, a purpose-built catering kitchen and new disabled toilets which will open up the Church to many more projects and individuals.

The existing projects at the Church serve as a foundation on which the Church hopes to expand on to continue transforming the local area and develop new relationships with other community projects. If you want to know more or learn more about worshipping at St Luke’s, you can find them on Facebook.


Photo: artist’s impression of the new extension to St Luke’s Church