St Andrew’s Pantomime present Red Riding Hood


As Christmas approaches, thoughts turn to cross dressing actors, bad jokes and lots of songs – it must be time for a pantomime!

Red Riding Hood logoOnce again the St Andrew’s Pantomime Group in Beeston will be putting on a show and this year they’ve chosen Red Riding Hood. This will be the 43rd production for the group which received royal recognition earlier this year from the Duke of York’s Community Initiative.

Performances, at St Andrew’s Community Centre on Old Lane, start on Saturday 11 January 2014 and run through to Saturday 25 January including matinees and mid-week shows.

To book your tickets, which cost £5 for adults and £3 for children, ring 07443 571868 or email

What’s in store? Here’s a taster:

The sleepy shire of Hollingwood is going through hard times. The abominable Squire Silas Squirm, who owns the entire village, is out to collect his rent money, and plans to cut down the great forest to open a new theme park. It’s almost too much for the villagers to cope with, especially the local Baker Granny Hood and her Granddaughter Red Riding Hood, who are finding it hard to make ends meet.

However, even bigger events are afoot. The evil Wolves, that haven’t been seen since the Fairy Alliance banished them many years ago, are about to make a comeback in search of a special meal that will restore them to all their horrible glory. If only there was a hero to save the day.

  • Will the Squire get his money and build his theme park?
  • Will Granny and Red Riding Hood be able to keep their bakery going? Will the Wolves bring chaos to the people?
  • Or will a hero emerge and stop them in their tracks?
  • And what of this Fairy Alliance, will they make an appearance?

Come with us to find the answers and to meet the good folk of Hollingwood in the tale of Red Riding Hood.