South Leeds slimmers set to spring clean for a new summer wardrobe

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Slimmers in south Leeds are celebrating losing weight by donating their now too-big clothes to charity.

As part of a national campaign, members of the south Leeds Slimming World groups are being invited to donate the clothes, shoes, bags and accessories they no longer need since losing weight to local shops via a bag collection at their Slimming World groups.

Local consultants with some of the donated bags Jane Masefield, Tracy Petch, Maria Metcalf and Tace Catlin

So confident in the fact they’ll never need their over-sized clothes again, the kind-hearted slimmers, who meet every week at local slimming groups donated 196 bags and Each bag is worth around £25 to Cancer Research UK.

Last year the campaign raised £3.3million.

As well fundraising, Slimming World also aims to raise awareness of the links between obesity and cancer.

Obesity is the biggest cause of cancer after smoking, but only 15% of people are aware of the link. Being overweight or obese increases your risks of developing 13 different types of cancer, including bowel, kidney and breast cancer.

It’s such a liberating feeling having the confidence to bag up clothes you’ll never fit into again, all while raising money for an extremely important cause. My members can’t wait to make room for a new summer wardrobe by taking part – I know the atmosphere in group will be electric when we bring all the bags together!

When we meet each week we laugh together, share challenges and tips for overcoming them,celebrate success and swap inspiration, tips and recipes. We really are one big family and I will be so proud to see them say goodbye to those larger sizes and set targets for enjoying a healthier holiday season feeling absolutely fantastic.

Groups meet weekly every day of the week in south Leeds check below to find your friendly local award winning group.


This post was written by Jane Masefield.