South Leeds Roundup: Pipes, parades and the apocalypse

Here’s your regular roundup of what’s making South Leeds tick on other websites, blogs and across Facebook and Twitter.

We start this week in Holbeck where the Gala kicked off with a Pipe Band procession through the streets to Holbeck Moor. By all accounts it was the best gala yet, well done to all the volunteers who made it happen!

Pipe Band Holbeck

So forward thinking Mike Wallis, one of our local bloggers, has a thing about having some basic skills in case there’s an apocalypse. The latest skill he has learnt is sailing which he did up at Yeadon Tarn. Read the whole story on his Backwards Lion blog.

Another local blogger, Lensa, is discussing the social importance of lunch in her young family on her Sojourners Musings blog.

Lots of news on the Hamara Centre website. They hosted the first Child Friendly Leeds ambassadors meeting, celebrated Learning Disability Week and have plans for a Eid Bazaar or Chaand Raat on Wednesday 15 July.

Meanwhile over at Health For All they’ve launched their community cab service for disabled people; they’re showing Despicable Me 2 as their latest Family Film show at Belle Isle Family Centre (4 August); a free gardening course at Middleton Family Centre and Multi sports days for children aged 5-9 (19/20 August).

The Hunslet Engine 150 anniversary weekend is coming up on 18/19 July. Middleton Railway is still looking for any former employees from the works to join a special event on 17 July.

The Holbeck Neighbourhood Plan carries a report of their experience at Holbeck Gala and reminiscences of a lady called Tahira who grew up in the area.

Holbeck Elderly Aid also carries a report of Holbeck Gala. You can also download their latest newsletter from the site.

The Challenge Cup final beckons for the Hunslet Warriors Under 18 team. The match will be played at Featherstone’s Big Fella’s stadium on Sunday (12 July). Warriors are also calling on volunteers to Engage with the club on Sunday 16 August helping with a spring clean and improvements at Warrior Park.

The student leadership team at The South Leeds Academy help Principal Marc Doyle show Hilary Benn MP round their school and have blogged about it.

Congratulations to The Garden Gate pub, voted Most Improved Pub by Leeds CAMRA.

A good time was had by all when the Friends of Middleton Park hosted Oddsocks Theatre last night (7 July). Don’t forget the Middleton Park Music Festival rocks up this Sunday to coincide with the fairground.

Live in Belle Isle? Fancy a trip to Bridlington on 22 August? Get yourself to BITMOs GATE centre for tickets. They also have a large photo album of shots from last week’s Belle Isle Summer Gala, taken by our own Kenneth Ingram.

We should mention the coverage that Beeston attracted in the light of the tenth anniversary of the London bombings, including this piece in the Yorkshire Evening Post and this on the BBC News website.

If you know someone who struggles with their tablet or e-reader, Leeds Libraries are running informal sessions to help you get started. They are at Dewsbury Road Library on Thursday 9 and Hunslet Library on Friday 10 July.

And finally, don’t forget the very local Facebook groups, many of which have lively discussions and are a good source of information. Cottingley Hall TRAC, Save Our Beeston and Westwood Community Association are just three active groups in the area.