South Leeds roundup: Holbeck in Bloom, TRAC and Westwoods footpath

Here’s what’s making south Leeds tick this week on other blogs and websites:

Cottingley TRAC are holding their next meeting tonight at Cottingley Primary School, starting at 7pm. Here’s what they’ve posted on their Facebook page:

“We have someone coming to talk about the wheelie bin scheme and you should be able to find out if they plan to give you one….we were told if you weren’t highlighted for a bin with wheels you can request one !!!”

Yesterday saw Holbeck in Bloom welcoming the judges into our area for the summer round of assessments. There’s details of Holbeck in Bloom’s garden comtest here – if you’ve got a great garden (or event just tubs and baskets), why not enter?

Here are some more photos from Hunslet Festival last weekend. Looks like a good do!

PCSO Jonny Wilson had the pleasure of interviewing Claire Roberts from drug and alcohol service Platform on South Leeds Community Radio.

A Belle Isle man has been arrested in connection with the theft of a cycle, reports Rothwell NPT.

The Friends of Hunslet Cemetery group are lobbying the council for movement over a security fence. Check out the group’s Facebook page.

The next meeting of the White Rose Residents Association on the Cardinal estate is on Tuesday 10th July at Two Willows Children’s Centre at 6pm.

The Friends of Middleton Park report that work has started on the new pedestrian way alongside the main drive towards the Lakeside Centre.

The Westwoods estate in Middleton is getting a much-needed new footpath. Check out Aire Valley Homes’ Facebook page.