South Leeds Roundup: Flowers, feuds and flytippers


Here’s your regular roundup of what’s making South Leeds tick on other websites, blogs and across Facebook.

Park fisheries flowersLet’s start this week in Beeston at Park Fisheries who have posted some great photos, taken by Jennifer Lovelock, of their magnificent floral display. Good luck for Yorkshire In Bloom!

Awards were being handed out during Leeds Learning Disability Week recently and Philip Coates from Beeston won twice. He received the Creative Person of the Year and as part of the musical group Pheonix Showstoppers won the Making A Difference Award. You can find out about all the award winners on the Better Lives For People In Leeds blog.

John Cockburn reports that Hilary Benn is the latest MP to join the calls for a national inquiry into historic cases of child abuse. It on his What Can I Do About It? blog.

Hilary Benn MP reports on a busy weekend that took in Belle Gala and the Leeds Waterfront Festival, as well as showing the American Ambassador around The Tetley arts centre in Hunslet. His blog also has highlights from the parliamentary week.

Sticking with The Tetley, local history buffs might be interested in a talk about 1930s Leeds. John Thorp the former Civic Architect will be talking on Tuesday 8 July 2014 at 6pm at The Tetley.

A violent feud between two families, which spilled onto the streets of Beeston last year has ended with prison sentences. The Yorkshire Evening Post reports on the full series of events.

On a more inspiring note the YEP also reports that a charity has been set up to boost organ donation in honour teenager Kyle Asquith who died tragically young, but whose organs saved five lives.

The Summer Newsletter from Holbeck Elderly Aid is available to download from their website. It has all the latest news of trips and activities available for older people in the area.

Meanwhile Middleton Elderly Aid are recruiting a project co-ordinator.

If you want to know what’s happening in Belle Isle head to BITMO’s Facebook page where you’ll also find more photos from last Saturday’s Belle Isle Gala.

The Inner South Neighbourhood Policing Team have details of the Beeston Dog Show this Sunday (6 July 2014) in Cross Flatts Park, plus news of community outreach work they’ve been doing with local women’s groups.

Are you a crafter, or would you like to be? SLATE have more workshops coming up including ‘Make friends with your sewing machine’ and origami (paper folding).

We often report on the Council’s Inner South Area Committee, well as part of its makeover into a Community Committee it has launched a Facebook page. Why not head over and ‘like’ it to stay in touch with developments.

You can find out more about the changes to Community Committees on the Guardian Northerner blog, where Cllr Peter Gruen has written about the changes in Leeds.

Another useful Council link is the snappily named South & Outer East Locality Team. They look after litter and street sweeping. This week they report how residents help identify a fly tipper at Hunslet Cemetery. He’s now facing a fine and a criminal record.

In Middleton the Westwood Community Association are planning a meeting to discuss cleansing issues on the estate. They are also running a trip to Scarborough.

Cottingley Hall TRAC have a meeting coming up next Wednesday (9 July 2014) where they will be discussing the play area, bins and policing issues.

The theatre group under the viaduct in Holbeck report that they have held onto their Arts Council funding. Slung Low will continue with their ‘pay what you decide’ performances.

There is news that the site of the former Skelton Grange power station has been put on the market according to Insider Media business news website.

And finally, the good folk at Skelton Grange Environment Centre have spotted that it’s National Shed Week and have posted a picture of their shed. They are also offering their volunteers smoothies made by cycle power this Friday, apparently it’s something to do with a bike race that happening nearby?