South Leeds Roundup: Cycling, slimming and strawberries


Here’s your regular roundup of what’s making South Leeds tick on other websites, blogs and across Facebook.

It seems we can’t get enough of cycling in this glorious Tour de France year. We spotted staff from Leeds Museums on Twitter taking part in a Tour de Musee on Tuesday, which included stops at the Discovery Centre in Hunslet and Thwaite Mills in Stourton. Meanwhile South Leeds and Morley (SLAM) Scouts did the Tour de SLAM on Sunday taking in Trinity URC in Belle Isle in their tour of the district.

SLAM TdF Trinity

Speaking of SLAM, PSCO Kirsty Johnson from the Inner South Neighbourhood Policing Team recently showed a group of Beavers from the Beeston group around the new Police Station on Elland Road.

Are you following Debs Davies fitness blog Rosetinted? It’s all about motivation. This week she’s trying to encourage us to join her by showing her steady progress from a small start.

Another local blogger had been doing well on the losing weight and getting fit front last year, then his blog went quiet. This week saw a very honest post on This Is A Man’s (Slimming) World about his weight gain and the health problems he faces if he doesn’t sort things out. I hope this gives him the motivation he needs to get back on the right track.

If you need help getting started, Leeds Let’s Get Active have added a Family sports session in Middleton Park every Saturday morning through the holidays. There’s also a new walking group starting from BITMO’s GATE on Wednesday lunchtimes.

Pupils from Cockburn School won the Leeds Junior Run, reports the Yorkshire Evening Post. They also have a story about Eden Park Academy, a school for excluded children in Beeston, which has received a ‘Good’ Ofsted report.

Sad news over on Tonight’s Menu that Ewan Mitchell is retiring for blogging. Perhaps he’s just taking a rest, keeping a blog going over several years is difficult and it’s easy to get stale (b-boom). Let’s hope he changes his mind in the future.

On to bigger, political issues, John Cockburn has published Hilary Benn MP’s explanation of why he voted in favour of the controversial Emergency Surveillance Bill in Parliament. It on his What Can I Do About It? blog.

Young people have been creating art down at The Tetley as part of the Breeze Festival. Their work will be on show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (25-27 July).

There’s a rare chance to see inside a medieval barn this Saturday. The Friends of Stank Hall Barn have all the details.

And finally this week, Cottingley Hall TRAC are organising a trip to Bridlington on 6 August and the Community Centre have a Strawberry Fayre this Saturday (26 July).