South Leeds Roundup: Community … theatre, clean ups and radio


Here’s your regular roundup of what’s making South Leeds tick on other websites, blogs and across Facebook.

Blood & Chocolate
Blood & Chocolate

Theatre lovers might be interested in this blog post by Alan Lane from Slung Low in Holbeck. In it he reflects on their recent piece Blood & Chocolate and what community theatre means.

BITMO’s GATE has launched into 2014 with a full programme of activities ranging from sewing to fitness via guitar classes. There really is something for everyone.

If you fancy the opportunity to discuss music stands, head over to South Leeds Music Centre which starts back on Saturday.

Housing Leeds have news that skips will be available for a community clean up in the Intake area of Middleton on Wednesday 15 January.

It’s good to see some people understand the industrial revolution started in Leeds. An engraving of John Marshall’s Temple Mill in Holbeck appeared in the Guardian illustrating a book review of Emma Griffin’s Liberty’s Dawn: A People’s History of the Industrial Revolution.

Local history enthusiasts might also like local author Chris Nickson’s blog. The latest piece looks at the Ice Fairs that were held on the River Aire at the end of the 17th century.

We’ve covered the Tivoli cinema in Middleton previously, the Yorkshire Evening Post reported on plans to demolish the forlorn building.

At Christmas we said farewell to Beyond Guardian Leeds who had done a great job of pointing us to news around Leeds. With the New Year we can say hello to the Leeds Guardian, a civic blog looking all things council as well as health, transport and other corporate affairs affecting the city of Leeds. Do check it out.

Ruminating on New Year’s resolutions, Lucy Potter considers how she should “apply herself” in 2014. You can read her thoughts on her Lucylines blog.

Did you get an e-reader (Kindle, iPad, etc) for Christmas? If so Library blog Leeds Reads has information about how to borrow e-books from Leeds Libraries.

And finally, South Leeds Community Radio have been blogging about their book club. Next month’s books are Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and self-help book How To Love Like A Hot Chick if you want to get reading and join the discussion.