South Leeds Lockdown Challenge launches

A group of local community organisations, in partnership with Leeds Citizens, have come together to help entertain the kids of south Leeds by creating the “Lockdown Challenge”.

The South Leeds Lockdown Challenge consists of the delivery of an Activity and Resource pack to families across LS11. The pack will contain daily challenges over a 14-day period on a variety of themes including exercise, gardening, craft, cooking, creative writing, art and yoga relaxation. The packs will contain a “Challenge Sheet” with details of each challenge, and a box of all the resources and materials needed to complete each challenge. An arts and craft-based pack will be provided with the first delivery, containing basic arts and craft materials.

If you want to take part in the challenge, for FREE, let us know by contacting or texting 07733 418236. Alternatively, if you are able to financially support the South Leeds lockdown challenge, please get in touch.


This post was written by Mark Day

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