South Leeds Life (still) needs your help

Dave, Steve, John, Laura & Jeremy

We got together today to review South Leeds Life. You’ve probably noticed from the list of contributors that this is a collaborative blog and we would love to have even more collaborators!

A couple of new people joined the discussion this morning which was great. It was noticeable that they raised various subjects that they cared about, but were a little taken aback when we said “that’s really interesting, please write something about it”. The lesson is – if it’s interesting to you, it will almost certainly be interesting to others so please write it up and email it to us at We’re particularly interested in sporting stories – there are some great local clubs that we know of, but we don’t know their stories – can you help? We’re thinking of Hunslet Hawks, Hunslet Warriors, Middleton Marauders, Beeston Juniors, Hunslet Nelson Cricket Club, etc, etc. Do you play Sunday League football? Perhaps you could write up a typical Sunday morning experience.

We looked at the site statistics and we’re rather pleased with ourselves. Over 11 months we’ve notched up almost 15,000 page views and the monthly figures have risen from 1,000 a month over the summer to 3,000 in October. This was no doubt helped by our sister publication the magazine version of South Leeds Life published by Health For All.

We looked at some technical things too – you might notice some changes to the sidebar on the right. We are now using Delicious to link you to interesting pieces about South Leeds on other sites and blogs and we will be moving our links section onto a new page so that it isn’t lost amongst the lists of tweets and other good things. We’ve also introduced a search function so that you can find the things that interest you more easily. Finally we are going to explore adding a calendar so that you can see which events are coming up.

We’ll be meeting up again on 9th January, but don’t wait to get in touch. We would love to receive articles, or suggestions, or questions. Use the comment box below or drop us a line. Don’t forget we’ve also got a Flickr group that you can join and send us your photos.