South Leeds Community Orchestra

Music comes back to South Leeds

The original music centre concert
The original music centre concert

A year ago a group of 50 musical friends reunited at Morley Town Hall to celebrate 4 decades of music making by the South Leeds Music Centre.

The event was such a success that they decided that this shouldn’t be a one off event. And now it’s a reality. The first meeting and rehearsal session of the new orchestra took place last Saturday just a year after the reunion concert.

Future rehearsals will run once a month on Saturday mornings under the name of South Leeds Community Orchestra. So any musician young or old who has experience of playing a brass, woodwind or orchestral string instrument is very welcome to join in and give us a try. Sorry no guitars.

Future rehearsals are to be held at St Cross church Middleton LS10 4HX once a month on Saturday mornings 10 till 12. The next rehearsal is on 8 November 2014.


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