Support in South Leeds during the Cornavirus lockdown

Thank you Cllr Kim Groves for the latest information on the Cornavirus outbreak and to Samantha Ely of Middleton Elderly Aid for the update.

Please share: Trinity Network deliver over 100 meals per week to the elderly and those in need. They are one the core services for elderly people in Belle Isle and Middleton. They can help with hot meals if needed.

Trinity Network are delivering around 20 meals a day five day a week. If you would like one please call (0113) 270 3935.

They work with Middleton Elderly Aid are delivering around 250 meals a week. Middleton Elderly Aid are subsidising the meals by £200 a week. Please contact (0113) 272 1050.

Belle Isle Senior Action (0113) 277 8208 also deliver services for the elderly in Belle Isle and help with social isolation.

Holbeck Together provides support to older and vulnerable people in the Holbeck area and are also delivering hot meals. Call them on (0113) 245 5553

South Leeds Live At Home Scheme supports older people in Beeston, Cottingley and Hunslet. Call them on (0113) 271 6201



Coronavirus Helpline (0113) 378 1877

For those self isolating due to health conditions but who do not have friends and family that are well and able to shop for them. Request for shopping or hot meals will be met by a growing network of volunteers who have been recruited into the Community Care Volunteer Programme.

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