Snapguide: Keep your children safe on the internet

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The internet, social media, smart phones…all this new technology can be daunting. Parents need to be aware of what children can see and do online and how they can create a safe environment for them.

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Parental controls, limiting time spent online and teaching kids how to be safe whilst online is important. Teach kids the “stop, block & tell” method for kids to use if they feel unsafe online.

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New social media sites are popping up all the time. As a parent keeping on top of them all can be tricky and confusing. All the sites have restrictions that can be set to protect children using them.

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Facebook settings can be changed to restrict content, block individuals and limit contact. These settings can be found in the menu bar then under “privacy settings” and “timeline and tagging”.

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On Twitter, parents can disable direct messages and protect tweets. Blocking someone on twitter means you can’t see their tweets, but won’t stop them mentioning you in tweets for others to see.

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Snapchat – blocking someone in snapchat and restricting your friends list are good ways to protecting kids who use it. A useful guide can be found at

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Smart phones are powerful tools with apps and internet access. Setting a password and adding important contacts is a good start, as well as establish rules of use for your child to adhere to.

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Top Tips: 1. Apply security settings on social media 2. Don’t share personal info 3. Don’t send pictures of yourself online to strangers 4. Never arrange to meet people who you only know online

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Top tips: 5. Don’t sign up for anything online without your parents knowing 6. Treat people you know only online as strangers 7. Don’t be afraid to tell a parent if you think something is wrong

 How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online – a Parent’s Guide

 By West Yorkshire Police

First shown on West Yorkshire Police website, and  Facebook Page.