Slung Low present The White Whale at Leeds Dock

Holbeck-based Slung Low Theatre’s production of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick ‘The White Whale’  is coming to Leeds Dock (formally known as Clarence Dock) between 4-14 September.

Slung Low White Whale cropThis is a new version of Moby Dick. You are given a set of headphones. When you put them on you can hear all the actors like they’re whispering in your ear. There’s music too, a soundtrack. You take your place by the side of the canal and get ready to watch the action. It’s not just a play, it’s an adventure: and it’s happening right in front of you. Live.

This is the latest event to be staged at Leeds Dock, following the Leeds Waterfront Festival, which is currently undergoing a huge transformation by site owners Allied London, to transform the area into a vibrant, multi-purpose, waterfront destination.

Slung Low’s new version of Melville’s Moby Dick ‘The White Whale’ is a fire-lit, water bound epic performance of a famous story given a fresh take by Leeds theatre company Slung Low.

An all-male, singing cast of seven will perform Phillip’s fresh take on the classic. All the tickets for the two week run on Leeds Canal will be given away free to anyone who has registered prior to the event.

The audience will watch the epic tale from the banks of the canal, whilst listening into the action on the company’s headphone system that allows the actor’s slightest breath to be heard.

To register, visit