Shopping Centre ‘Goes Green’ for World Environment Day

One of the biggest retail and leisure destinations in Leeds is ‘going green’ to show its support for World Environment Day (June 5 2018).

Solar panel array on the roof of the White Rose Shopping Centre

Landsec-owned White Rose Shopping Centre is getting behind the international campaign which aims to encourage worldwide awareness and action for environmental protection. On Tuesday 5 June White Rose will turn its roof lights green for the day.

White Rose Shopping Centre is home to an aerobic digester which turn waste food into water, which is then pumped back into the UK water system.

In one calendar year, White Rose Shopping Centre’s digester:

  • Processes 114 tonnes of food – the equivalent weight of a blue whale
  • Generates 80,000 litres of water – the equivalent of 701 fish tanks
  • Saves almost 88 tonnes of carbon emissions – the equivalent of taking 57 cars off the road for a year.

White Rose is also home to the largest solar photovoltaic system at a retail site in the UK. The installation, completed in 2017 and situated on the roof of White Rose, generates 680,000 kWh of power a year – enough electricity to power more than 200 UK homes for 12 months.

In its first year, the system is expected to reduce carbon emissions at White Rose by 250 tonnes – the equivalent of more than half a million miles of passenger car emissions. White Rose also boasts four electric vehicle charging points next to its new outdoor leisure extension, The Village.

Nikki Appleton, Marketing Manager at White Rose Shopping Centre, said:

“World Environment Day is something that every single person and business can get involved in.

“We take our responsibility very seriously and realise what a positive impact we can make, which is why we’re proud to have our own solar power system and aerobic digesters right here on site. We encourage everyone in Leeds to do their bit for World Environment Day too, no matter how small.”

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