Sharing the secrets of curries and cakes

At the last meeting  of the Beeston St Mary’s Mothers’ Union before the summer break we were shown some authentic Asian cooking by some ladies from the Asha Neighbourhood Project.

Members of Asha Neighbourhood Project and St Mary’s Mothers’ Union

We watched as the ladies put the ingredients together for a chicken curry, not too hot, but very tasty. They also told us about the herbs and spices they were using and the flavours they would impart. All in all it was a very pleasant session and was a good way to develop community relations.

We asked if there was anything we could show them and the answer came immediately: “Baking”. So our first session in September will be the Great Beeston Bake Off.

You can join us on Monday (11 September 2017) at 12pm at Beeston Parish Centre on Town Street, opposite the Co-op.


This post was written by Joyce Horsbrough using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page.