Scarecrow festival with a difference

‘Retired’ minister and festival organiser Jean Mortimer send us details of a recent Scarecrow Bible Festival in Belle Isle …

Scarecrow festival belle IsleAs part of our harvest celebrations we held a Scarecrow Bible Festival at The United Reformed Church in South Leeds (that’s the new building in Nesfield Road).

Adults, children and young people from the church, community, and two local schools made small, life-sized and LARGER THAN LIFE-SIZED scarecrow displays to illustrate familiar Bible stories, and took part in a competition and a quiz.

Zacchaeus climbed up a cherry tree in the garden. The woman who lost one of her coins found it at last, with the help of young visitors, in a cupboard which had been transformed into her dimly lit room. The lost sheep was brought back into the flock. The five thousand were fed in our café, where visitors also received tasty refreshments throughout the day. Sardine sandwiches, however,were not on our menu ! We ‘considered the lilies of the field’ and saw King Solomon ‘in all his glory’.

scarecrow festival 2Joseph showed off his special coat. Noah and his wife herded the animals into the ark, with help from our Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and leaders. Goliath towered over David, and everyone else, carefully supported by their flag stand and made with
imagination and flair by our Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and leaders.

Visitors were invited to place a flower in the Easter garden in memory of lost loved ones.

Three pupils from Sharp Lane Primary School won the prizes in our quiz showing that they knew more about the Bible than most of the adults and church members!

Middleton Primary School sent an army of mini, midi and maxi scarecrows for our competition, and two of their pupils also won prizes, together with some of our
own children and young people.

We all had a great time and it was wonderful to see such artistry, skill and enthusiasm from everyone who took part. Thank you to all who supported us.