Running in the beautiful south: Churwell Urban Trail

As at last it looks like the springtime is finally upon us, the best way to enjoy the weather is to get out and enjoy the outdoors whether that be in the form of a walk, run or bike ride. Here’s another suggestion from the South Leeds Lakers Running Club:

If you’re looking for run with a bit of everything then the Churwell Urban Trail will fit the bill nicely. Tarmac, trail, grass and hills ensure those looking for a challenge have something to get their teeth into, but the beautiful woodlands mean a gentle jog is also time well spent.

The 1.9 mile route starts on Rooms Lane outside St Peters Church.

Follow the lane down for 0.25 mile and then go through the wooden gates on the left into Springfield Mill Park.

Follow the tarmac path round the 5-a-side football pitch (goal posts with nets, how good is that). Keep following the path round to the right and through the gates into the woods. Cut through the woods on the trail back onto the path where you turn right for the short skip back to the lane.

Back at the lane turn left and follow the tarmac road up the hill. As the road bends round to the left you can see the home of the Champions of Europe in the distance.

Go round the metal gate and follow the path until you come to the field. Stay to the right and follow it round to the wooden bridge, make sure you watch your footing on the uneven ground. Cross the wooden bridge, taking time to admire the wildlife pond.

Follow the shale path round to the right exiting through the gates onto the road. Cross the road and go through the gates into Clarke Spring Woods. Once in you’ll see Churwell’s very own mini railway on your right.

On this stretch you get the chance to marvel at the beautiful woodland or dig in and take on the hill with gusto. Follow the hilly path round to the right until you see a set of daunting steps in front of you (1.3 miles). Don’t panic, you turn left onto the crazy paving before the steps. This is still a tricky little section so make sure you keep your wits about you as you continue your ascent. Six footers watch out for the tree !!!

Your lungs will be bursting and the stile at the end of the path seems like Beeches Brook!. As you come out onto Chestnut Garden cross the road and go through the wooden gate back into the park. Follow the tarmac path all the way round past the pond and the footy pitch and hey presto you’re back onto the road.

A right turn takes you back up to St Peters Church (and a further 50 yards to the Nelson pub for a well earned drink).



This post was written by Phil Hodgson using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page.