Roundup: Neighbourhood policing in South Leeds

Here’s a roundup of local community policing issues reported by the City and Holbeck Neighbourhood Policing teams. For more on the work and priorities of the NPTs in your community, click on the links below.


The latest White Rose Residents’ Association meeting was held at the Two Willows Children’s Centre. Attending at the meeting were approximately 15 residents and committee members, PCSOs Kirsty Johnson and Rob Manning as well as Simon Costigan, the Chief Executive of Aire Valley Homes, and Mina Patel also from Aire Valley Homes and Councillor Adam Ogilvie.

Both West Yorkshire Police and Aire Valley Homes confirmed their ongoing commitment with regards to dealing with anti-social behaviour in the area and this was met with appreciation by the residents for whom this continues to be a priority.

The chairperson, Yvonne Crowther, expressed her thanks for the support of the local residents enabling her to recently win a ‘Pride of Britain’ award and also mentioned that this had been possible due to assistance from Neighbourhood Policing Team, particularly Inspector Damien Miller, and also councillor Adam Ogilvie.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 22 November at 6pm and residents of the Cardinals, Waincliffes, Redhalls, Thirlmeres and Millshaws are encouraged to attend and express their views, concerns or questions about the area.

Beeston Hill

Sergeant Jon Aldred and PC James Darton attended the Beeston Hill Residents’ Voice meeting at the Building Blocks Centre.

Eight residents attended along with the committee and representatives from local housing providers. Also present was Councllor Davey.

Sergeant Aldred explained the reductions in crime and anti-social behaviour across the area, most notably the 40% reduction in domestic burglary.

Sergeant Aldred went on to give an update on the current initiatives being implemented by Holbeck NPT to deal with the issues of metal thefts, prostitution and Anti-Social Behaviour.

Questions were raised regarding the manner of driving on certain streets within Beeston Hill and residents were advised to report the matter when it was occurring and also provide any vehicle registration details to the police to make follow up inquiries.

The next meeting is to be held at the Building Blocks centre, 7pm on Tuesday 1 November.


Holbeck Neighbourhood Policing Team and partners are aiming to improve the Cottingley estate by tackling issues affecting the quality of life of local residents.

The Cottingley Closer Communities project kicked off on Friday 23 September, and will focus on crime, grime, housing and environmental issues across the whole estate for six months.
The aim is to address the issues that really matter to local people, who then feel empowered to take more ownership of their local estate and community.


On Tuesday 13 September Sergeant Jon Aldred attended the Holbeck CIARA meeting at Ingram Gardens Community Centre. Approximately 18 residents attended along with the chair and Councillors Gabriel and Congreive.

Sergeant Aldred asked for the community’s help in ensuring no valuable items were left on display in vehicles in the area and to report anything the residents think that the police should be aware of.

An update regarding Operation Dairy and the issue of prostitution was provided, explaining that arrests had been made and further actions were in the pipeline to deal positively with offenders but also to provide support to those who wished to escape this life style. The Leeds ASB unit and are involved and evidence was being collated towards obtaining Anti Social Behaviour Orders.

Sergeant Aldred discussed the recent spate of damages caused at the Shafton Lane allotments. The residents were informed that the crime reduction officer had attended the location and completed an assessment of the premises and provided advice along with 30 shed alarms- free of charge.


Sergeant Jon Aldred attended the latest Hunslet community meeting. Approximately 15 residents attended along with the committee.  Sergeant Aldred explained the current initiatives Holbeck NPT are operating with regard to metal thefts and ASB in the area.

Questions were asked regarding Stoneham Housing and the offenders they accommodate. It was explained that the police do not control the placement of ex-offenders and a representative from local housing agreed to discuss the matter further after the meeting.

Residents were advised to contact the police with any information they thought necessary and the means of contact available to residents was explained.

Then next meeting is to be held at 7pm on Wednesday 2 November at the Church of the Nazarene, Hunslet.

Belle Isle

Local priorities in Belle Isle are :

  • To address speeding vehicles on Newhall Road every day between 7am and 10pm
  • To reduce anti-social behaviour on Broom Terrace every evening between 7pm and 10pm


The latest Middleton community meeting was attended by Sergeant Richard Hunter. Also in attendance were Councillors Blake and Driver and Chris Goshemi from Aire Valley Homes plus ten residents

The latest low crime figures were very well received. Anti-social behaviour at the old Middleton Arms site was discussed. Residents feel happy that Rothwell NPT’s visible patrols in that area and nearby on Middleton Park Circus are having a great effect and wish to retain this.

Sergeant Hunter told the group that Rothwell NPT are aware of ongoing anti-social behaviour on Acre Crescent and that Rothwell NPT are actively dealing with this on a daily basis. Sergeant Hunter asked for all information to be passed to Rothwell NPT.

Operation Dop (Police off-road bikers tackling nuisance bikes and quads) was discussed and again residents very encouraged by this. Operation Eastgate (using the Trojan bus to tackle anti-social behaviour directed at buses) was also discussed.

Next meeting will be Saturday 12 November at 10 am.

White Rose

School truancy, Monday to Friday, is a top priority.

On October 8 a group of males and females were stopped by Morley NPT officers after a number of complaints from customers in the centre. They were all warned about their conduct whilst in the centre.