Review: Macbeth at Leeds Playhouse

I saw the play Macbeth on Thursday, which was very well played. It was orchestrated and written with clarity. From the beginning of the play I was drawn into a world of ambition and betrayal. It started off creepy which set the tone perfectly.

The cast were amazing, especially Jessica Baglow (Lady Macbeth) who clearly demonstrated the manipulative and subtle power a lady has over a man. The play demonstrated beautifully how Macbeth was the head and yet Lady Macbeth was the neck on which the head resided. The head would orient itself upon the neck’s commands. Macbeth’s character was also well played alongside the witches.

The quotes used by Shakespeare were poignant and perfectly positioned. I was impressed by how everyone looked and the sounds effects. It was immersive and I felt as if I was part of the story. The director (Amy Leach) made some great choices in how they produced the show. The lines were well spoken and had emotional resonances. The play moved at a good pace so I was intrigued throughout the play, allowing the tension to build up towards the conclusion.

Overall it was a triumph and it proved how strong and important Shakespeare’s work still is. I was left thinking about ambition and how, without integrity, it can lead to transgression and guilt. The theatrical experience was both intellectually stimulating and emotionally gripping and I would recommend it.

Macbeth runs at Leeds Playhouse until Saturday 23 March 2024.  Full details and tickets at:


This post was written by reader Salima Hussain in return for two free tickets, as part of South Leeds Goes To The Playhouse.

Main photo: Ash Hunter (Macbeth) and the cast at Leeds Playhouse. Credit: Kirtsen McTernan


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