It’s Question Time at The Ruth Gorse Academy

Ruth Gorse logo2We are planning an exciting event at The Ruth Gorse Academy on Wednesday 4 March 2015, 1:45pm – 2:45pm. We have invited some key members of our local communities to take part.

An outline of the event is listed below.

  • Students at The Ruth Gorse Academy (a new Free School within Leeds) have organised a Question Time event at The Ruth Gorse Academy, Wednesday 4th March, 1.45-2.45 pm.
  • In attendance will be :-

Cllr Neil Dawson.  Labour and Cooperative.

Cllr Judith Elliot.  Morley Borough Independent.  Former Lord Mayor.

Cllr  Robert Finnigan

Cllr Wyn Kidger.  Madam Mayor of Morley

Cllr Shirley Varley.  Morley Borough Independent

Cllr Judith Blake will be in earlier in the day (11.05am) to speak to the students.

Head Girl Cara Goodridge is to Chair the event.

  • We are an 11-16 academy within The Gorse Academies Trust.
  • The Gorse Academies Trust also includes the ‘outstanding’ Morley and Farnley Academies, and Hillcrest, Ryecroft and Morley Newlands Academy under the leadership of Sir John Townsley, recently honoured in the New Year’s Honours List.
  • We predominantly serve the community of South Central Leeds, including Beeston, Hunslet, Middleton, Belle Isle and Holbeck.
  • Of our 95 Year 7 students, 70 of them are recognised as Pupil Premium, meaning we have one of the highest percentages nationally of pupil premium cohorts.  We assist all our families with free uniform, PE kit, transportation, and contributions towards educational visits and equipment.
  • We will be moving into our new £25m building on Black Bull Street in Autumn 2016.
  • The day will focus on British Values including being an Active Citizen.  We want to develop a sense of pride amongst our students of being British and recognising British values, particularly democracy, from school based democracy through to being a citizen of a global community.  We feel this is pertinent especially in an election year.
  • Key questions being asked of the Councillors include what is democracy?  Why is it important?  How does this work in Britain?  Why did you get involved?  How can young people get involved and why is it important to be involved/vote?


This post was written by Tina Dunderdale using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page.