Proposal to close Holbeck library: Can it be saved? Does anybody care?

Holbeck library is situated on Domestic Street.

Holbeck library
Holbeck library

It has fairly restricted opening hours, being open for only 17 hours a week. It provides a valuable free service for all residents, especially the elderly, children and those who are less well off.

Leeds City Council is proposing to close a number of libraries in the Leeds area. Among these are the libraries in Belle Isle and Holbeck. It is planning to replace these libraries with mobile units.  The so-called consultation process being carried out does not consider how the existing libraries could be improved and made more attractive, but asks for views based on the assumption that the library will close and that a mobile library will operate in its place ( Holbeck comment card ).

Can Holbeck library be saved? Should it be saved? Do you care? Do you have any suggestions of what we, as residents, should do to save it? Can we get a campaign group together to take action to let the council and our councillors know our concerns?  The council have already closed South Leeds Sports Centre and are proposing to close the swimming pool at Middleton. Isn’t this just another nail in the coffin for South Leeds? If you have any views on this situation let us know.