Premier League Players Donate Football Kits To Hunslet Club

Footballers at the Hunslet Club have started to play matches recently with a squad set of kits donated by stars of the Premier League.

Hunslet Club Footballers Proudly Show Off Their Premier League Player Kits
Hunslet Club Footballers Proudly Show Off Their Premier League Player Kits

Through the Players’ Kit Scheme the squads of all of the 20 Barclays Premier League Clubs have provided some of the best youth teams throughout the country with free Nike football kit and equipment. Every Premier League squad donated £25,000 to the Scheme to create a £500,000 fund. This is a joint initiative between the Premier League and the Professional Footballers Association.

Talking at the launch of the scheme, Liverpool’s Jamie Carragher said

“It’s fantastic that all the players in the League are coming together for this. We all know that grassroots football is important because that’s where we started our journey. But we also know that it’s vitally important to have the right equipment. Not all young people can have access to that, so hopefully the Premier League Players’ Kit Scheme can help. Who knows, maybe this initiative might develop a few stars of the future.”

Says Craig Gilmore, Sports Development Officer at the award winning club

“Having kits from Premier League Players is really nice and a credit to them for putting something back into the game at a grassroots level. It should definitely provide a good bit of motivation for our teams. When we play others and people ask why we have ‘Premier League Players’ written on our kit, it will be a real talking point of pride for them for which we are very grateful.”

Newcomers are always welcome to Hunslet Club Football Training Sessions. Check out the timetable here.

Adults too are welcome to the recently launched informal Turn Up & Play football sessions on Monday nights.

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