Poll: What’s the best fish and chip shop in South Leeds?

Fish and chips … you can’t beat ’em! We thought we’d end a heavy news week – which started with talk of cultural unity, touched on the future of the Tetley’s site, mental health, work at Middleton Park and then prostitution – on a somewhat lighter note…

Here’s a fun poll where you can vote for your champion chippy. You can only vote once. If we’ve inadvertently missed out a fish and chips takeaway – sorry, it’s an honest mistake (there are so many!) but you can still nominate and vote for it by posting a comment in the comments section below.

Also, feel free to add your comments in support of your favourite chippy.

The chip shop with the highest number of votes by the end of play next Thursday will receive a certificate to mark this, erm, wonderful achievement! So which chippy ‘batters’ the opposition? (sorry…couldn’t resist). Have fun

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