Police report: Cranmore and Raylands community meeting in Belle Isle

PCSO Kieran Murphy attended the latest Cranmore and Raylands community meeting on Wednesday 5 December. There were 14 residents in attendance along with Councillors Kim Groves and Paul Truswell, writes Rothwell NPT.

Issues discussed included:

  • Parking issues outside Sharp Lane Primary School at the start and the end of the school day although residents said that it is worse in the afternoons. Rothwell NPT officers will attend at the problem times and Fixed Penalty Notices will be issued to any offending vehicles.
  • Problems on Friday and Saturday evenings at the Omnibus public house at closing time. Residents report fighting and noise from the pub. Rothwell NPT will contact the landlord to discuss these issues.
  • It was agreed that the Local Priority for the area would be speeding vehicles on Raylands Way and Sharp Lane close to the school. Rothwell NPT will deploy the SID (Speed indicating device) at these locations to gauge the amount of vehicles speeding.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 6 February at 6.15pm