Police issue warning after bogus caller targets Beeston woman, aged 82

Police were called to an address on Parkfield View, Beeston by an 82 year old lady following two separate attempts by a man attempting to gain entry to her home, it has emerged this week.

West Yorkshire Police logoThe first attempt was made on Tuesday 10 July around 8pm, where a male called at her address and said he was a window cleaner and needed her to turn her water off from inside.  She told him to contact the local water company and told him to leave her premises.

The second attempt was on Thursday 12 July at approximately 1.30pm the same male approached her again at home knocking on the door, ringing the bell and looking through her window before she even got to the door.

She recognised the man  is due to the boots he was wearing, she stated they were a tan suede colour and ankle height similar to army boots.

On this occasion the male said he was working at the hairdressers at the top of the road as a window cleaner and his equipment was on charge but he needed her to go back in her house again and turn off or look at her own water.

She immediately realised that something was wrong and told him again to contact the water company. She again told him to leave her garden and then called the Police.

A neighbour reports that another male was hanging around in the park whilst the first male knocked at the door.

A police spokesman said:

“Due to the elderly lady’s vigilance these males did not gain entry to her home and no offences took place but Holbeck NPT would like to remind residents in the area not to allow strangers into their homes. Ask to see ID and if in doubt keep them out.”